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Meet California’s Leading Diseased Tree Specialists

Diseased trees are a threat to the health and safety of your property’s vegetation, as well as you and any people that frequently visit. As California’s leading tree trimming and removal experts, Rolling Green helps the communities of Northern California and Southern California treat diseased trees from any property. Our diseased tree specialists provides a safe, affordable, and stress-free service for homeowners, school districts, and any other property owner.

Every arboreal disease is different, and our treatments are designed for each specific case. For example, if a disease was caused by insect infestations, Rolling Green would use a spray to kill the bugs and save the tree. We have similar sprays for other infections as well to save your vegetation. We even have sprays that prevent the spread of disease to your healthy trees.

However, If the disease in question is too advanced and that tree cannot be saved, we remove it using our safe and prompt approach. We then spray any leftover stumps to prevent regrowth and reinfection. Our team also handles any and all reporting and paperwork required by local law to keep your property in line with every single environmental regulation.

Our Licensed Pesticide Professionals Serve Northern California and Southern California

You deserve to have the best team treat your diseased trees. The tree care experts at Rolling Green are all licensed pesticide professionals operating throughout Los Angeles, Auburn, Riverside, Grass Valley, San Bernardino, and all surrounding areas. Our advanced training and certification allows us to ensure every project involving sick trees is completed effectively and correctly.

If you have any diseased trees on your property, have Rolling Green help you treat or remove those trees. From diseased tree treatments to power line clearance, we are the team to meet your needs. Call us, or use our online contact form, to request a quote today.

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