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Protecting California Properties: Emergency Tree Services

Not every tree removal is planned. If an earthquake, storm, or car crash has uprooted a tree anywhere in California, the 24/7 emergency tree services of Rolling Green are only a phone call away. We help communities in Northern California and Southern California handle their tree emergencies: Auburn, Grass Valley, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and much more.

Heavy winds, floods, and earthquakes can all cause a tree to uproot. When a tree uproots, it is at risk of falling over and damaging the structures on the property where it resides. Even worse, uprooted trees are at an even higher risk of running into power lines, if not knocking those lines loose completely, and causing a fire or electrical hazard. Any homeowner or property owner in California - or any utility company working on a client’s property - must have their uprooted trees removed immediately.

Rolling Green has an emergency team ready to remove uprooted trees from any property in California. With our above-and-beyond commitment to safety for our employees and our clients, we remove all tree hazards from the property you or your clients use, all while minimizing the risk for fires, structural damage, and other hazards.

In addition to uprooted tree removal, we also help trim and remove individual branches that may have blown towards or into power lines during a storm. We work with local power companies to ensure complete safety in emergency line clearance projects.

Ask Us About Uprooted Tree Removal

Rolling Green assists you with all your uprooted tree removal and other emergency tree needs. You cannot afford to wait if your trees are threatening your property or your client’s property. With a team ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our tree trimming and removal experts make sure you receive the emergency tree services you need when you need them.

Call Rolling Green now if you have a tree emergency on your hands.

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